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Making Updates to Faculty Profile Pages

Northwestern Engineering faculty members and staff will find information below on how to manage and update faculty profile information.

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For tenure-track, tenured, and clinical faculty with paid appointments in Northwestern Engineering, faculty information that appears in your main Northwestern Engineering and department website profiles is kept in the following locations: the faculty directory in the main Northwestern Engineering website (managed in Cascade) and the Annual Report.

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How to Edit Faculty Profiles

Faculty members' names, contact information, departments, program affiliations, website links, biographies, education, significant recognition, significant professional service, and patents are kept under the faculty directory on the main Northwestern Engineering website. This information can be edited and updated in Cascade by department staff only.

Profile Photos

To change a faculty profile photo, please email the requested photo to web-updates@mccormick.northwestern.edu and McCormick marketing will replace the photo.

Position Titles

Jason Grocholski must approve any changes to the job titles of tenure-track, tenured, and clinical faculty with paid appointments in Northwestern Engineering. Department staff should not change faculty titles in the Northwestern Engineering faculty directory.

Publication Lists, CVS, and Research Descriptions

 The login page for the Annual Report

Faculty research descriptions, publication lists, and CVs  (that appear on individual faculty profile pages) are kept and managed in the "McC Faculty Directory Info" section of the Annual Report. This content is accessible and editable by you and your department staff at any time throughout the year. You can edit this information by logging into the Annual Report (https://ar.mccormick.northwestern.edu) and clicking on "McC Faculty Directory Info" in the left sidebar.

The first page you should see when logging in

Department staff may need to select "McC Faculty Directory Info" again, once you have chosen the faculty member's name.

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Managing Publications in the Annual Report System

In the Annual Report, faculty have three options for how to manage and display publications:

1. The default setting displays your eight most recent publications. If you have done nothing to change your publications list, your eight most recent publications will appear on your faculty profile.

2. Manually select which publications from the last three years you would like to display on your profile. This list is updated annually. By checking or unchecking the boxes next to each publication listed you can select or de-select the publications that will appear.

3. To create a customized list of your publications, display more recent publications than those on your publications list, or display a complete list of all your publications (beyond the most recent three years), you may choose the third option and enter your publications manually using the WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") content editor. If you choose this option in the Annual Report, the WYSIWYG content editor will appear. Content in this field will display on your profiles exactly as entered, so please be mindful of proper formatting.

Managing Research Descriptions in the Annual Report System

Please note: No images are allowed in this area.

Uploading CV File

Please click the link outlined by the red box to update your curriculum vitae (CV).

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Publishing Changes Made in the Annual Report

Changes made in the Annual Report are automatically saved as you make them. However, for your Annual Report updates to appear on the Northwestern Engineering websites, you need to request that your department staff republish your department and main Northwestern Engineering profiles in Cascade. After uploading a new CV in the Annual Report, please allow three hours before requesting that your department staff republish your faculty profiles in Cascade.

Faculty profile pages are also set to automatically republish every Sunday, at which time any changes you have made in the Annual Report's "McC Faculty Directory Info" section will populate to your faculty profile pages on the websites.

Note: In Cascade, if a faculty profile is pulled from the Annual Report, the field “Annual Report Feed” should be filled as shown below: