Advisory Board

Photo of Sneha Aggarwal

Sneha Aggarwal

Senior Systems Engineer, Device Engineering at Baxter International Inc.

Photo of Shahid Ahmed

Shahid Ahmed

COO and Co-Founder at EQITII; Digital, IoT, and Technology Advisor


Photo of Iqbal Arshad

Iqbal Arshad

Ex-Motorola, Google, Lenovo SVP of Global Product Development

Photo of Tony Belkin

Tony Belkin

Director, CAT Digital at Caterpillar Inc.

Photo of Shane Bertsch

Shane Bertsch

Vice President, Innovation at HAVI Global Solutions

Photo of Jim Coffing

Jim Coffing

Lead IP Counsel at Motorola Solutions

Photo of Keith Donaldson

Keith Donaldson

President of Engineered Materials, Inc.


Photo of Jay S. Goldstein

Jay S. Goldstein

Founding Partner, Jabbok River Group


Photo of Saba Jaffery

Saba Jaffery

General Manager, Actuation Regional and Business Jets at UTC Aerospace Systems


Photo of James Martucci

James Martucci

Lead Innovator, Tech Assessment & Scouting at Baxter International Inc.



Photo of Sean McLeod

Sean McLeod

Director of Manufacturing and Operations at Oracle America, Inc

Photo of John Nelson

John Nelson

President of Applied Research Company


Photo of Plamen Petrov

Plamen Petrov

"Artificial Intelligence + Data + Healthcare + Innovation" for Economically Sustainable Social Good

Photo of David Platt

David Platt

VP Engineering Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co. LLC


Photo of Guru Rao

Guru Rao

Chief Analytics Officer, FBAlliance Insurance


Photo of Eric Rovira Ricard

Eric Rovira Ricard

Senior Product Manager at Motorola Solutions


Photo of Christine Schyvinck

Christine Schyvinck

President & CEO, Shure

Photo of Sandra Waters

Sandra Waters

Vice President for Collaborative Initiatives at the National board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME)


Photo of Jennifer Wei

Jennifer Wei

Technology Consultant at Revantage Corporate Services, a Blackstone Company


Photo of Ian Wiese

Ian Wiese

President & Chief Technology Officer at Metcovery