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Keith Donaldson

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President of Engineered Materials, Inc.

Keith is President of Engineered Materials, Inc. that he founded in 1993. His work background for the past 30 years includes product and process development and process engineering at a variety of companies utilizing, improving or developing products made from or using paper, plastics, adhesives and/or coatings:  Morton Thiokol (composites and epoxies), Ford Motor (thermoforming), 3M (Industrial Tape, Medical Tape, Adhesives and Coatings), Baxter Healthcare (developing electronic packaging, medical packaging and industrial packaging), and EMI (developing over 30 products using technology co-developed with Bell Labs that span all of his past functional areas as well as food, flower and archival storage as well as work in anti-microbial films and barriers and chemical free insect termite barriers).  Keith loves biking, snow skiing and diving and is married with 2 daughters.


BS Chemical Engineering, Wayne State University
Masters in Engineering Mangagement, Northwestern University