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Quick Facts

The basics at-a-glance

Degree earned: Master of Engineering Management


Northwestern University’s Evanston campus

Easy access to Chicago’s STEM industries

Optional internships typically located in the greater Chicagoland area

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Classes held Monday - Thursday evenings + Saturday mornings

Part-time option:
2-3 years | Start in any academic quarter

Full-time option:
9-15 months | Full-time and international students start in September

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Class Size

Program is not a cohort format to allow additional flexibility

20-30 students in each academic course

Students possess an avg. seven years STEM experience which stimulates deep class discussion

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Application deadlines depend on quarter and part- or full-time option

Part-time students:
Fall quarter start:
Priority deadline: May 1
Final deadline: August 1

Winter start: November 15

Spring start: February 15

Full-time students:
Round 1: December 15
Round 2: February 15
Round 3: only if space exists

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Rose FrancisMEM ’24

“ You learn a lot while working with industry experts on solving a problem. MEM students bring diverse industry experiences that bring a fresh perspective to the problem.”

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Margaret DebrauskeMEM ’21

“ The benefit of MEM is that you are working with the best in class from around the world and will leave each course knowing you have expanded not only your hard skills, but soft skills for business success.”

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Harsh NigamMEM ’22

“ Now, I’m not just a normal engineer. I know what is happening behind the business, how it's going to be impactful. Many engineers don’t know that what they are doing is going to be impactful in the market, but if you know about all of these things, it makes you much more well-rounded. I was a technical guy. I didn't know about finance. I didn't know about accounting. I didn't know about marketing. All of these things I learned in the business environment at Northwestern.”

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Gabrielle D’AnnaMEM ’21

“ After researching both MEM and MBA programs, the MEM program felt like a better fit for me and my career path. It provides me the opportunity to integrate my technical background with the foundations of business and management in order to be a more strategic thinker.”

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Christopher MuiMEM ’15

Digital Product Manager at Moonshot by Pactera

“ The MEM program places an emphasis on the innovation mindset and start-up space, which is incredibly important to keep a pulse on for those who are looking to stay relevant and want to continue to build products and services that make a difference.”

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Raj Shekhar MadhurakaviMEM '22

Senior Program Manager Mathworks

“ MEM allows you to pursue courses in product management, supply chain, data analytics, and other engineering disciplines while still learning about leadership, marketing, strategy, and finance,” he said. “It offers a good combination of technical and business subjects.”

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Urvi ThakkarMEM '19

Systems Engineer, Lake Forest Hospital

“ The network that MEM and Northwestern University have helped me create is by far the biggest asset I will ever own in my life.”

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Namita TanksaliMEM '23

“ MEM has been an invaluable experience for me, helping me to develop key leadership skills and strategic thinking abilities. By focusing on the big picture, the program has given me a newfound confidence to engage in meaningful conversations with high-level executives. Whether discussing the company's strategy or long-term goals, I now feel well-informed and prepared to participate in these critical discussions.”

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Why Northwestern?

Unique program features

Housed within the highly regarded Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences Department at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, the MEM program is one of the oldest in the country, and the only one of its kind in the midwest. MEM is a proud member of the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC), a group of elite professional graduate engineering management programs that works to raise awareness of the field.

Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

Learn to effectively communicate technology concepts in the language of business. Graduate with the management skills needed for top leadership roles.

Customize your curriculum to match your desired areas of career specialization and explore other engineering-related topics such as entrepreneurship and product management.

Flexibility and Support

Flexibility and Support

Choose the part-time option to accommodate work or personal needs, or complete the degree more quickly with the full-time option.

A dedicated program staff handles related administrative tasks throughout your tenure, ensuring that your time can be focused on learning.

Business in the Context of Engineering

Business in the Context of Engineering

Learn from esteemed Northwestern faculty and leading industry professionals in terms that are applicable to your background. 

In your STEM-experienced classmates, find a wealth of practical knowledge, insights, and expertise to enrich your learning and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Career Outcomes

Career Outcomes

Chart your career path with the confidence that you're prepared to lead in a variety of roles, and position levels. Plus, your readiness will not be restricted to one type of industry

Enjoy a great connectedness through MEM's vast student, alumni, and faculty networks - and through industry contacts frequently brought to campus.

Experience your thinking process transform from recognizing tactical insights to seeking out strategic advancements, preparing you for key leadership positions.


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