Hambleton Offers Hands-on Mechanics

Prof. Jim Hambleton is leading an optional activity this quarter to support and enhance the freshman engineering course, Engineering Analysis 2, through informal discussions and hands-on activities. Students enrolled in the course can attend the EA2 Hangout to work individually or in teams to design, build, and test prototypes in two different design competitions. The idea is to eat pizza, make friends, share EA2 tips, and even win some prizes.

The optional module was created with the intent of strengthening undergraduate education through an increase in overall retention of engineering students through improved student engagement and increased exposure to real-world engineering problems earlier in the undergraduate curriculum, as well as an improvement in learning outcomes for students who are less prepared in math and physics.

Financial support for this activity was provided by an Alumnae Curriculum Award administered through the Office of the Provost at Northwestern University. It also forms one of three core educational activities of Hambleton’s NSF Career Award. The support of both institutions is gratefully acknowledged.