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Gianluca Cusatis and Research Team Explore the Possibilities of Printing Concrete

Professor Gianluca Cusatis and postdoctoral scholars Shady Gomaa and Raúl Marrero Rosa have been researching the automation of the construction industry through the additive manufacturing of concrete.
Sep 13, 2023

Faculty Spotlight: Jean-François Gaillard

Jean-François Gaillard is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and (by courtesy) Earth and Planetary Sciences.
Sep 7, 2023

Yonggang Huang Inducted into Royal Society of Canada

Professor Yonggang Huang has been inducted into the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).
Sep 7, 2023

Subhadeep Pal Awarded Ryan Fellowship

Ph.D. student Subhadeep Pal has been awarded this year's Ryan Fellowship. He intends to use the fellowship to continue his research on material failure at the molecular level.
Sep 7, 2023

Alum Wenjie Xia Suceeds In and Out of the Classroom

Doctoral Alum Wenjie Xia has accepted an associate teaching position at Iowa State University while also being awarded the NSF CAREER award for early-career professionals.
Sep 5, 2023

Sinan Keten Picked for Defense Science Study Group

An expert in computational materials science and mechanics, Keten will be part of a 16-person cohort that will focus on US defense policy and related research and development.
Sep 1, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Ph.D. Candidate Accepted into First Cohort of Geothermal Interns

Ph.D. candidate Anjali Thota has been selected to participate in the first cohort of geothermal interns in the NSF INTERN program.
Aug 29, 2023

AED Program Instructors Awarded First Place in International Design Competition

Instructors Jose Luis de la Fuente and Luis Collado of STL Architects have been awarded first prize in the International Design Competition for their design of the new National Museum in Jinju, South Korea. Jose Luis and Luis will teach Studio Design 385-2 in the winter.
Aug 28, 2023

Architectural Engineering & Design (AED) Program Undergoes Exciting New Changes

Under the guidance of program director Giorgia Chinazzo, the Architectural Engineering & Design (AED) minor is undergoing a series of updates.
Aug 17, 2023

Teaching assistants awarded for excellence

Three teaching assistants have been awarded for their hard work in the classroom during the winter quarter.
Aug 10, 2023

Northwestern Establishes Julio M. Ottino Professorship

The professorship recognizes Ottino’s leadership and long-term commitment to the University and the McCormick School of Engineering.
Jul 25, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Yonggang Huang Joins the Ranks of Darwin, Newton

Professor Yonggang Huang was inducted into the Royal Society -- the United Kingdom’s national academy of science and one of the most prestigious academies in Europe.
Jul 18, 2023

Celebrating the Extraordinary Career of Joseph Schofer

On the heels of his final class, the Department of Civil & Engineering looks back on the exceptional career of Joseph Schofer.
Jul 18, 2023

Research Linking Climate Change to Shifting Ground Garnering Media Attention

Outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post have reported on work by Alessandro Rotta Loria.
Jul 14, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

McCormick Announces Endowed Chairs

The McCormick School of Engineering has announced this year's endowed chairs.
Jul 13, 2023
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