CIV_ENV 472-1: Transportation Systems Operations and Control 1 -- Urban Networks

Quarter Offered

Spring : MW 4-5:50 ; Mahmassani


Graduate Standing


Concepts and advanced methodologies for the design of control strategies for transportation systems operations, focusing on urban traffic networks (signalized street networks and freeways); special attention to the advanced technology applications and intelligent transportation systems.

Course Assessment:

  • 10% Class Participation
  • 15% Projects
  • 25% In Class Exam
  • 50% Final Project


  1. "Traffic Control Systems Handbook", FHWA-­‐SA-­‐95-­‐032, U.S. Dept. of Transportation (2005); available for download at
  2. Newell, G., "Theory of Highway Traffic Signals", Course Notes UCB-­‐ITS-­‐CN-­‐89-­‐1, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Berkeley (1989); available for download at­‐ITS-­‐RR-­‐89-­‐7.pdf

Additional Texts:

  1. Hall, R. (ed.) Handbook of Transportation Science, Springer (1999).
  2. Kachroo, P. & Özbay, K. Feedback ramp metering in intelligent transportation systems, Springer (2003).