CIV_ENV 216-0: Mechanics of Materials I / combined with BMD_ENG 271 in Fall, Winter, Spring

Quarter Offered

Fall : MTWF 11:00-11:50 ; Marrero-Rosa
Winter : MTWF 11:00-11:50 ; Pathriage
Spring : MTWF 11:00-11:50 ; Alarcon


GEN_ENG 205-2 or GEN_ENG 206-2


Analytical and experimental study of stresses and deformations and their application to the design of machine and structural elements subjected to static loads.


Mechanics of Materials, F.B. Beer, E. R. Johnston, J. T. DeWolf, D. F. Mazurek, 8th edition, Mc Graw Hill. Prior editions of the textbook as well as other similar textbooks are adequate for the reading content. It is your responsibility to check since chapter sections may be different.


CEE 216 students complete 3 computer labs and BME271 students meet Thursdays at 11am with Prof. O'Neill. 

Class Time:

4 hr/wk all students with a CEE instructor

Course Outline, Outcomes and Goals