Student Body Profile

The Master of Science in Analytics (MSiA) program welcomes a diverse group of talented students. Approximately 40 students are enrolled each year into this competitive MSiA program, whose academic interests range from the liberal arts to engineering and computer sciences. They join our program with varied work experience; some enter directly from undergraduate, while others bring more than 10 years of work experience to the program. The wide variety of experiences each student brings to MSiA facilitates a creative and collaborative environment. Below we have provided a class profile, broken down by academic major and work experience sector.

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Prior Work Experience

Cohort 2018 2019
No work experience 56% 50%
1-2 years 24% 13%
3-5 years 15% 30%
More than 5 years 5% 7%
Average post undergraduate work experience 1.5 years 2 years

Gender Breakdown

Cohort 2018 2019
Men 56% 52%
Women 44% 48%

Background by Academic Major

Cohort 2018 2019
Mathematics and statistics 40% 43.5%
Engineering and computer science 30% 28.3%
Economics and social sciences 15% 19.6%
Business and management 10% 6.5%
Natural sciences 5% 2.1%