We admit only a small number of students each year to ensure that all receive focused attention in a collaborative atmosphere.    We admit only a small number of students each year to ensure that all receive focused attention in a collaborative atmosphere.

Application Materials

Below are details on the application materials required when applying to the Master of Science in Analytics program. For more information on how to apply, deadlines, and requirements, please visit our admissions page and see answers to our frequently asked admissions questions.

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Letters of Recommendation

We require 3 letters of recommendation from individuals who have had supervisory experience over you in a professional and/or academic setting. We recommend a balance between professional and academic recommendations. As a rough guide, the table below outlines a recommended balance between professional and academic letters of recommendation, based only on number of years since the completion of an undergraduate degree. Please note that these guidelines are a suggestion, not a requirement; you may submit recommendations from whichever recommenders you prefer.

Years since completed undergraduate Academic Professional
0 3 0
1-3 2 1
3-5 1 2
5+ 0 3

All writers are asked to address the following questions:

  • How they know the candidate and why they are qualified to assess the candidate's suitability for the program
  • If they can identify any distinctive qualities and/or examples which highlight the candidate's suitability for the program
  • If they can provide some point of comparison for the candidate against others who were in similar circumstances

We accept transcripts from all accredited institutions, including 3-year degree programs where applicable.

Please note: The application system will email your recommenders at the email address you provide. Recommenders will receive a request to address the questions outlined above as well as instructions on how to upload their completed letter to the application system. Recommenders may use standard word processing software for letters.

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Personal Statement

This is a central part of your application, which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your motivations, aptitude, and creativity. Please ensure your statement is 500 words or less, and that the individual elements meet the length criteria below.

Please address the following questions:

  • Why are you applying to the Master of Science in Analytics program at Northwestern University? Please include in your answer why you are interested in analytics as well as your career goals.
  • What skills or abilities do you hope to strengthen in the program (one paragraph).
  • Describe a trend that will influence analytics over the next 5 years (one paragraph).

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Please submit an electronic copy of transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, whether you have received a degree or not. This includes degrees currently in progress and study abroad credit.

Please label your files in the following format:

  • LastName-FirstName-InstitutionName
  • Ex: Smith-Sally-UniversityofSydney

All pages of the transcript must be scanned and legible. If your transcripts are not in English, please send a copy in the original language as well as a certified translation.

Please note: Official transcripts in sealed envelopes, or by secure electronic delivery direct from the institution, will be required prior to matriculation only if you are admitted into the program.

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The Master of Science in Analytics accepts either GRE or GMAT scores. You must submit scores from either test for the current admissions season. We can accept scores up to five years old from the date of your matriculation into the MSiA program (for the 2019-2020 cohort, this will be September 2019). Please submit scores for tests taken after September 2014.

We prefer that candidates upload an unofficial copy of their score report directly to their application. We will accept scanned copies, PDF uploads, or screenshots of your unofficial score report; these may be obtained directly from your account on the ETS or GMAT websites.

Please note that we will still accept official scores sent to our program. Institution codes for the GRE and GMAT are as follows:

  • GRE code: 3672

  • GMAT code: 6WZTL36

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English Proficiency

If you do not possess a degree from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction, then you must demonstrate your English proficiency by sitting for either the TOEFL or the IELTS.

Test scores must be less than two years old at the date of matriculation (for the 2019-2020 cohort, this will be September 2019). The minimum acceptable score for the TOEFL is 95 (Internet-based test) and for the IELTS, 7.5.

  • TOEFL code: 3144

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candidate video

The candidate video is currently an optional upload, but we do recommend uploading a video to provide the opportunity for the admissions review committee to get to know you as a candidate. Please limit your video to 2 minutes long. The admissions committee will not watch beyond 2 minutes.

The Master of Science in Analytics is a small cohort program; students will have the opportunity to work with each classmate over the course of four academic quarters in the program. With that in mind, please use this video to help the admissions review committee get to know your personality, your work style, and your leadership capabilities.

Please note that videos must be directly uploaded to your application and must follow our submission guidelines; we will not accept and/or watch videos submitted by email, videos posted to external URLs (ex. YouTube), or DVDs. 

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  • Scholarship Priority Deadline: December 1

  • Regular Decision Deadline: January 15

Scholarship Priority Deadline: Applicants who apply by the Scholarship Priority deadline of December 1 are likely to receive the fullest consideration for scholarships as part of the application review process; all applicants who meet this priority deadline will be considered for merit scholarships by the admissions review committee. Please note, the deadline is a recommendation; applicants who apply by the regular decision deadline of January 15 may still be considered for second round scholarship funding, as available.

All admissions decisions will be announced by mid-March.