Course Schedules

The MBP curriculum includes 13 units* of coursework and 8 units (1000 hours) of research (including the 0.5 unit MBP Research Seminar), which can be completed in 5 quarters (15 months). Alternatively, students may enroll in an optional industrial or academic internship staring either in the summer (the schedule is shown below) or in the winter of their second year (the schedule can be viewed here), which extends the duration of the program to 21 months. 

* Northwestern University credit for undergraduate and graduate programs is awarded in units, rather than credit hours. For more information on units, click here.

Course schedule with a 6-month industrial internship starting in the summer

1st Fall (4.5 units)

1st Winter (4.5 units)

1st Spring (4.5 units)

1st Summer & 2nd fall (0 units)

  • CRDV 411-1, 2: Optional internship (full time, tuition-free).

2nd winter (3.5 units)

2nd Spring (4.5 units)