Student research is an important component of the Master of Biotechnology Program.Student research is an important component of the Master of Biotechnology Program.

Student Research

The Master of Biotechnology Program capitalizes on Northwestern University’s world-class research facilities by requiring its students to complete at least 1,000 hours of research in a single laboratory. This accounts for approximately one-third of the curriculum. When students complete their projects, they are able to plan and execute experiments, analyze resulting data, and draw conclusions from their findings.

Students select a project based on research presentations, and one-on-one meetings with faculty preceptors. With over 80 preceptors to choose from, we encourage MBP students to take the time to find a research project that suits their interests, and a laboratory that fits their working style.

The MBP offers additional opportunities for research through a special affiliation with the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center.

Because of the limited duration of our program, we do not offer rotating research labs. Students commit to a single lab and work in that lab until the research requirement has been satisfied.

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Research And Preceptors

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