Photo of Shelley Finnigan

Shelley Finnigan

Associate Dean for Master’s and Professional Education

Clinical Associate Professor

Director of the Master of Science in Project Management Program

Director of the Master of Science in Executive Management for Design and Construction

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Photo of Ahmad Hadavi

Ahmad Hadavi

Clinical Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Deputy Director of the Master of Project Management Program

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Photo of Laurence Audenaerd

Laurence Audenaerd

Adjunct Professor

Lead Simulation and Modeling Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

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Photo of Bradley Benhart

Bradley Benhart

Adjunct Professor

Assistant Clinical Professor, Building Construction Management Program, Purdue University

Principal and Founder, Integrated Construction Resources (I.C.R.)

Photo of Jessica Bollhoefer

Jessica Bollhoefer

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Katherine Brichacek

Katherine Brichacek

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Christian Burger

Christian Burger

Adjunct Professor

President, Christian Burger Associates

Photo of Scott Carlos

Scott Carlos

Adjunct Professor

Manager - Construction, Advocate Healthcare

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Photo of Ying Chen

Ying Chen

Assistant Professor of Instruction

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Photo of Kevin Croke

Kevin Croke

Adjunct Professor

Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois - Chicago

Photo of Ron Deverman

Ron Deverman

Adjunct Professor

Vice President and National Environmental Planning Leader, STV

Photo of Katharine

Katharine Duke

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Gregory A. Eichorn

Gregory A. Eichorn

Adjunct Professor

Partner, Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

Photo of Grace Gallucci

Grace Gallucci

Adjunct Professor

Executive Director, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency

Photo of Matt

Matt Gunden

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Michelle Halle Stern

Michelle Halle Stern

Adjunct Professor

President, The Green Facilitator

Photo of Kaara

Kaara Kallen

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Juliane Kelly

Juliane Kelly

Adjunct Professor

Principal, Strategic Development Partners

Photo of Helen Kessler

Helen Kessler

Adjunct Professor

President, HJKessler Associates, Inc.

Photo of Shuwen  Li

Shuwen  Li

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Jacqueline Loewe

Jacqueline Loewe

Adjunct Professor

Founding Partner of Sheridan Park Consulting

Photo of George Lytwynyshyn

George Lytwynyshyn

Adjunct Professor

Principal, Supply Chain Risk Management, Inc.

Photo of Mel Meyer

Mel Meyer

Adjunct Professor

Chief Financial Officer, McShane Construction

Photo of Tom Mitoraj

Tom Mitoraj

Adjunct Professor

Senior Vice President, Exp Federal Inc

Photo of Marija Ostojic

Marija Ostojic

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Kate Peavler

Kate Peavler

Adjunct Lecturer

Photo of Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

Adjunct Professor

Chief Estimator, Turner Construction Company

Photo of Amar Rajpurkar

Amar Rajpurkar

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Cy Rangel

Cy Rangel

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Damon Ranieri

Damon Ranieri

Adjunct Professor

Construction Innovation & Sustainability Partner at AXA XL Insurance, North American Construction

Photo of Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts

Adjunct Professor

Partner, Schiff Hardin

Photo of Carlo Santucci

Carlo Santucci

Adjunct Professor

Member, Manager, Broker, Avalon Realty Associates LLC & Affiliated Companies

Photo of Joseph Santucci

Joseph Santucci

Adjunct Professor

President, Avalon Realty Associates and other Affiliated Companies

Photo of Richard Seiler

Richard Seiler

Adjunct Professor

Chief Improvement Officer, Unified Works

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Photo of Kelsey

Kelsey Shaw

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Kevin Sido

Kevin Sido

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Mark Skender

Mark Skender

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Mildred

Mildred Terzic

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Lois Vitt-Sale

Lois Vitt-Sale

Adjunct Professor

Senior Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer, Wight & Company

Photo of Deb

Deb Wood

Adjunct Professor