Course Listing

CourseCourse TitleFall 2023Winter 2024Spring 2024 *Subject to change
PROJ_MGT 401CommunicationM 9-10:50am Laura Pigozzi; M 4-5:50pm Shuwen Li; M 6-7:50pm Paul Beilstein; W 1-2:50pm Katie Duke

PROJ_MGT 402Negotiations
T 1-2:50pm Kevin Sido; T 4-5:50pm Kevin Sido

PROJ_MGT 403Financial and Managerial AccountingT 3-5:50pm Jason Heider; W 6:30-9:20pm Jason Heider

PROJ_MGT 405Managerial Finance
T 6:30-9:20pm
Matt Gunden, Kelsey Shaw

PROJ_MGT 411Commercial Land Use & The Regulatory EnvironmentT 6:30-9:20pm
Juliane Kelly

PROJ_MGT 412Project Funding and Global Capital Markets
W 6:30-9:20pm

PROJ_MGT 413Transaction Management and Risk Mitigation
Th 6:30-9:20pm
Juliane Kelly

PROJ_MGT 414Project Feasibility Analysis & ValuationW 6:30-9:20pm
Mildred Terzic

PROJ_MGT 415Asset Management and Strategic Planning

Th 6:30-9:20pm
PROJ_MGT 423Business Development in the Built EnvironmentSa 8:30-11:30am
Amar Rajpurkar

PROJ_MGT 427Real Estate DevelopmentTh 9-10:50am
Joseph Santucci

PROJ_MGT 430Construction ManagementM 4:10-6pm Cirilo Rangel; W 4:10-6pm Cirilo Rangel

PROJ_MGT 431Construction Business Strategy

Th 3-6pm
PROJ_MGT 433International Construction
W 4-5:50pm
Tom Mitoraj

PROJ_MGT 434Lean ConstructionM 6:30-9:20pm
Afshan Barshan

PROJ_MGT 436Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution
M 6:30-9:20pm
Gregory Eichorn

PROJ_MGT 439Integrating VR/AR/MR with Design and Construction

Th 6:30-9:20pm
PROJ_MGT 441Sustainability in Construction
Th 4-5:50pm
Michelle Halle Stern

PROJ_MGT 443Sustainability Strategies for OrganizationsT 6:30-9:20pm
Jessica Bollhoefer

PROJ_MGT 445Sustainability Policy and Regulatory Context
W 6:30-9:20pm
Keith Harley

PROJ_MGT 446System Thinking for Sustainable Design
T 3-5:50pm
Michelle Halle Stern

PROJ_MGT 448Metrics of Sustainability

W 3-5:50pm
PROJ_MGT 449Economics of Sustainability

T 6:30-9:20pm
PROJ_MGT 451Information Technology for Construction

PROJ_MGT 455Computer-Integrated Project Delivery

T 4-5:50pm
PROJ_MGT 481Transportation Context Sensitive SolutionsTh 6:30-9:20pm
Ron Deverman

PROJ_MGT 483Transportation Economics and Finance

M 6:30-9:20pm
PROJ_MGT 485Intelligent Transportation Systems
Th 6:30-9:20pm
Marija Ostojic

PROJ_MGT 487Management of Operations in Transportation
W 6:30-9:20pm
Laurence Audenaerd
T 6:30-9:20pm
PROJ_MGT 497-ICapstone I
M 9-10:50am Shelley Finnigan; M 9-10:50am Laura Pigozzi; M 4-5:50pm Shuwen Li; T 9-10:50am Paul Beilstein

PROJ_MGT 497-IICapstone II

M 9-10:50am, Laura Pigozzi; M 4-5:50 pm Shuwen Li, T 9-10:50 am, Paul Beilstein; T 12-1:50 pm, Paul Beilstein; DISC 2-3:50 pm, Paul Beilstein
PROJ_MGT 501Project Management SeminarM 2-3:50pm
Shelley Finnigan, Ahmad Hadavi
M 2-3:50pm
Shelley Finnigan, Ahmad Hadavi

PROJ_MGT 502Professional Development Seminar in Project Management in the Built EnvironmentM 11-11:50am
Shelley Finnigan
M 11-11:50am
Shelley Finnigan
M 11-11:50am
Shelley Finnigan
PROJ_MGT 503Materials and Methods In ConstructionTh 2-4:50pm
Bradley Benhart

CIV_ENV 332Building Construction Estimating

W 6:30-9:20 PM
Scott Peterson
Civ_Env 336Project Scheduling
LEC W 6:30-9:20 pm; DIS T 1-1:50 pm; DIS T 2-2:50 pm; DIS T 4-4:50 pm; DIS T 5-5:50 pm
Ahmad Hadavi

CIV_ENV 435-0Cost Engineering and Control

M 6:30-9:20 pm
Ahmad Hadavi
PROJ_MGT 421Principles of Project Management (not currently offered)

PROJ_MGT 429Program Management (not currently offered)

PROJ_MGT 453E-Business in Construction (not currently offered)