CIV_ENV 336-0: Project Scheduling

Quarter Offered

Winter : W 6:30-9:30 (Lab: TBA) ; Hadavi


CIV ENV 330 and Permission of the Instructor


The primary course objectives are to teach theoretical concepts and practical techniques for planning and scheduling of construction projects and to provide students with the ability to prepare a comprehensive schedule for a project, including bar charts, network diagrams, resource profiles, and time contingency analysis. To obtain a feel for how to approach a real life situation, students will prepare a schedule for a construction project. The project requires students to work in groups of four or five. Upon completion of the course the students should be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas: 1) Identify activities involved in a construction project and their relationships; 2) Develop arrow and precedence network diagrams and perform schedule computation for networks; 3) Identify the resources required in a project and apply techniques for resource allocation and leveling; 4) Perform cost loading and time-cost trade-offs; 5) Explain concepts and techniques for monitoring, evaluating, and controlling project performance (ie. earned value analysis); 6) Explain contractual and legal issues related to scheduling; and 7) Use a scheduling software.


Construction Project Scheduling and Control by Saleh Mubarak, Fourth Edition, 2019

Class Time:

3 hr/wk + 1 hr/wk lab

Course Description