PROJ_MGT 487: Management of Operations in Transportation

Quarter Offered

Spring : T, 6:30-9:20pm ; Laurence Audenaerd


The transportation of people and goods via a variety of modes is designed to address specific market needs.  Aircraft provide high speed access to distant destinations.  Railroads efficiently move tremendous quantities.  Cars and trucks provide unparalleled flexibility of mobility.  Despite their differences in market or regulatory structure and infrastructure needs, many similarities exist in mission, performance metrics, and operations management.  This course intends to introduce students to operations in these modes as they operate in concert to accomplish the shared goal of origin-to-destination delivery for a wide variety of customers. 

Through immersion into a course-long development project, the fictitious expansion of an existing logistics hub to include air cargo integration, students will have the opportunity to practice navigating the complexities of a multimodal environment through related case studies and data analytics that include age-old problems, currently emerging topics, and unexpected twists as they arise.

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