News & Events



  • Cluster Fellow Yu-Chin Chan received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship award.
  • Cluster Fellow Stephen Lin was accepted to and participated in the highly selective Argonne Training Program for Extre Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC), 7/29-810/18,  hosted by Argonne National Laboratories (
  • Professor Teri Odom became 2018 Class of Senior Member of the Optical Society (OSA). She was named one of three Cottrell Scholar TREE Award recipients for 2018 by Research Corporation for Science Advancement and received a 2017 ACS Nano Lectureship Award.
  • Professor Wei Chen received the NU Ver Steeg Faculty Award. This award recognizes one outstanding faculty member each year for their contribution of excellence in working with graduate students of The Graduate School.
  • Jian Cao is appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Materials Processing Technology.
  • Professor Wei Chen is appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Mechanical Design.
  • Professor Wing Kam Liu is appointed by the Vice President of Research to be the Director of the Center for Advanced Material Systems and Simulation (CAMSIM) which creates opportunities for Northwestern faculty, students, and researchers to expand the intellectual and societal impact of their fundamental research and educational philosophy by creating technologies that can be commercialized to meet global market needs.


  • Cluster Fellow Jonathan Pfluger’s research is highlighted in Northwestern ​Helix​ magazine. He is an National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship recipient.
  • Professor Ankit Agrawal was recently invited to give keynote lectures about his research on materials informatics and data mining at C-MRS 2017, Yinchuan, China, and MAPEX Symposium 2017, Bremen, Germany.
  • Professor Jian Cao received the 2017 Charles Russ Richards Memorial Award from ASME and Pi Tau Sigma, “for outstanding achievements in mechanical engineering for twenty years or more following graduation.”
  • Professor Wei Chen and her students received the editor’s choice award for their paper Xu, H., Li, Y., Brinson, L. C., and Chen, W., “A Descriptor-based Design Methodology for Developing Heterogeneous Microstructural Materials System”, Journal of Mechanical Design, 2014.  
  • Professor Wing Kam Liu is appointed to be the Director of Global Center on Advanced Material Systems and Simulation
  • Professor Greg Olson received the 2016 Tibbets Award from SBA to QT for successful technology commercialization.


  • Professor Wei Chen and her students received the Best Paper Award from the ASME 2016 Design Automation Conference, for paper Yu, S., Zhang, Y., Wang, C., Lee, W-K, Dong, B., Sun, C., Odom, T., and Chen, W., “Characterization and Design of Functional Quasi-Random Nanostructured Materials using Spectral Density Function”.
  • Professor Wing Kam Liu received the 2016 the International Conference of Computational methods (ICCM)  ICCM Medal, the highest honor of ICCM, and delivered an opening plenary lecture
  • Cluster Fellow Stephen Lin received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
  • Prof. Ankit Agrawal was recently interviewed by NextPlatform about the future of materials science research, based on his recent invited article in APL Materials special issue on Materials Genome Initiative. He was also featured in an introductory video explaining how data analytics tools can help in realizing the vision of rational materials discovery and design. See Northwestern EECS news articles for more information here and here.


  • Cluster Fellow Orion Kafka received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
  • Professor Wei Chen received the ASME 2015 Design Automation Award.
  • Professor Jian Cao, Associate VP for Research, is the founder and Director of Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation.
  • The core faculty of the PS&ED cluster have received multiple grants from the DMDII (Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute), a federally-funded research and development organization of UI LABS, to support PS&ED related research activities.
  • Professor Greg Olson is the co-director of the Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD), a NIST-sponsored center of excellence for advanced materials research focusing on developing the next generation of computational tools, databases and experimental techniques in order to enable the accelerated design of novel materials and their integration to industry, one of the primary goals of the Obama administration’s Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).



  • Best paper award:  Xu, H., Liu, R., Choudhary, A., and Chen, W., “A Machine Learning-Based Design Representation Method for Designing Heterogeneous Microstructures”, ASME 2014 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, IDETC2014-34570, August 17-20, Buffalo, New York, 2014.


  • Miguel Bessa received the Extension of the Fulbright fellowship and the NTAC workshop leader fellowship. 
  • Joseph D. Shaefer received the National Bruce J. Heim Foundation Scholarship (1 award given nationally), the National ASME Graduate Teaching Fellowship 2012-2013 (2 given nationally), the Bruce J. Heim Foundation Catalyst Grant (1 award given nationally), the Northwestern University Catalyst Grant, and the Martin Outstanding Doctoral Fellowship by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Jake Smith Received the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) fellowship.
  • Chen Wang was awarded the Martin Outstanding Doctoral Fellowship by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Shuangcheng Yu was awarded the Ryan Fellowship by Northwestern University.
  • Chen Wang, Shuangcheng Yu, Wei Chen, and Cheng Sun’s paper “ Highly Efficient Light-Trapping Structure Design Inspired By Natural Evolution”, Scientific Reports, 3, (2013), 1025, was Highlighted on National Science Foundation, Division of Civil, Mechanical& Manufacturing Innovation’s 2013 portfolio of Science, Engineering, and Education Innovation; and Featured on more than 16 media such as NBC News, Discovery News, Material Views, Materials Today, McCormick News, Daily Northwestern, National Geographic, etc.
  • Katherine Rorschach is awarded Northwestern Altair Fellow 2012-2013; she is also a recipient of NSF graduate research fellowship.