Faculty & Cluster Fellows
Cluster Fellows

The following is a list of our current cluster fellow and includes their major, principle adviser and co-adviser, and research topic.


Chanwook Park, ME
Principle Adviser: Zhengtao Gan (ME)
Co-Adviser: Gregory Wagner (ME)
Research topic: Composite materials, machine-learning-based reduced-order models

Hengrui Zhang, ME
Principle Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Co-Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Research topic: Multi-physics Modeling and Data-driven Design of Additively Manufactured Alloy

Heather White, ME
Principle Adviser: Sinan Keten (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Graphene oxide, Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations

Putong Kang, ME
Principle Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wing K. Liu (ME)
Research topic: Double-Sided Incremental Forming (DSIF), Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Xiaoyu Xie, ME
Principle Adviser: Wing K. Liu (ME)
Co-Adviser: Zhengtao Gan (ME)
Research topic: Additive manufacturing (AM), Dimensionless learning

Adetoye Adekoya, MSE
Principle Adviser: Jeffery Snyder (MSE)
Co-Adviser: Oluwaseyi Balogun (ME)
Research topic: Thermoelectric materials, CALPHAD

Yaoke Wang, ME
Principle Adviser: Ping Guo (ME)
Co-Adviser: Sun Cheng (ME)
Research topic: Design structural coloration

Yunzhi Xu, CEE
Principle Adviser: Ange-Therese Akono (CEE)
Co-Adviser: Ping Guo (ME)
Research topic: Nano-mechanics, composite materials, and electrospinning

Zhongsheng Sang, ME
Principle Adviser: Gregory J. Wagner (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wing K. Liu (ME)
Research topic: Multi-component fluid flow in Additive Manufacturing, nonlinear dimensionality reduction

Whitney Tso, MSE
Principle Adviser: David Seidman (MSE)
Co-Adviser: Peter Voorhees (MSE)
Research topic: CALPHAD for alloy design, Baysian