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The Predictive Science & Engineering Design (PSED) Cluster is an optional certificate program for PhD students.

Study is comprised of three core courses accompanied by interdisciplinary projects. It includes one year PSED seminar course, accompanied by a project co-advised by at least two faculty members from different disciplines/departments.


Northwestern University’s Evanston campus


Start date: second year of PhD

Group size

Approximately 10 new fellows every year are admitted to the program


Application deadline is at the end of spring quarter

Prerequisite: applicants must have PhD status in an engineering discipline

Our Students

Each year, the cluster accepts new fellows who are current PhD students from all departments at Northwestern Engineering. Qualified students will receive one- or two-quarter PSED fellowships depending on the funding availability. International students are required to pass the English speaking test before receiving the fellowship. At the time the cluster award begins, the fellows must have completed their first year as a graduate student at NU; ideally, the Fellows will be in their second year of graduate study. Candidates who have not passed the qualifying exam will not be considered.

The fellowships are awarded to doctoral students who are willing to work with faculty advisers from at least two different disciplines. Priority will be given to candidates who can pair with other cluster fellows on interdisciplinary projects. Past fellows are talented PhD students with complementary computational and experimental skills required for research in predictive science and engineering design.

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