Guidelines on Logos and Lockups

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Northwestern University Brand/Wordmark

For information on the Northwestern brand, please refer to the University brand website.

Download Northwestern Wordmark

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Engineering Lockup

Our wordmark can appear in three colors: Northwestern Purple, white, and black. In most cases, use Northwestern Purple or white; black should be reserved for when color is not an option.

Download Engineering Logos

Full Engineering Lockups

Short Engineering Lockups

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Alternative Printing Techniques

In some cases, our wordmark can be reproduced using special printing techniques. Be sure to have any alternative print techniques approved by the marketing department.

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Common Mistakes

It’s important that we be consistent in how we present our identity. Shown here are some common misuses of our identity. To avoid these, always use the provided artwork without modification.

DON’T stretch, condense, or change the dimensions of the identity elements.

DON’T alter or replace the typefaces in the identity.

DON’T rearrange elements of the identity.

DON’T add extra elements to the identity.

DON’T change the scale of elements in the identity.

DON’T apply drop shadows or other visual effects to the identity.

DON’T change the color of the identity elements beyond the approved colors.

DON’T skew or warp the identity, or set it on an angle.