Our events guide will help you plan a successful event at Northwestern Engineering.Our events guide will help you plan a successful event at Northwestern Engineering.

Event Planning & Promotion

Event Planning Guide

Planning an event can be a daunting process, especially if it's not something you do all the time—but many members of the Northwestern Engineering community are often asked to assist in planning events or conferences.

To simplify this process, McCormick's Department of Marketing and Communications has developed a guide to planning successful events at Northwestern Engineering. The guide includes:

  • A comprehensive outline of the event-planning process
  • A listing of caterers in the area, both on- and off-campus
  • Checklists for assigning and tracking event-planning responsibilities
  • A listing of on-campus venues, including room capacities and booking contacts
  • Recommendations for off-campus event venues
  • Guides to florists, photographers, entertainment providers, vendors for promotional materials and gifts, and more

Additional Documents

Event Posting on Hallway Monitors

Please note: all events must be posted in PlanIt Purple.

Post your event to the PlanIt Purple website to see it appear in the event listings on the hallway monitors in Tech, Ford and Cook, and in the events calendar on the main Northwestern Engineering website.

If you would like an ad to appear on the Northwestern Engineering hallway monitors, please follow our digital signage guidelines to learn about how to submit an ad.

If you plan to create a new PlanIt Purple calendar, please first consult our manager of special events. Any new PlanIt Purple calendars must be approved by marketing and added to the event feed by IT to appear on the hallway monitors and on the website.

Tech and Ford Publicity Policy

Learn about our policies for publicizing campus activities in Tech and Ford, including rules and instructions for flyers, information on taping and chalking, and getting your message posted on hallway monitors in Tech, Ford, and Cook.