Class of 2023

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Yin Zhou

Graduate StudentEmail Yin Zhou

With dual concentrations in statistics and quantitative economics, Yin Zhou received her cum laude degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in 2022. Yin developed a penchant for assumption, regression, and inference techniques in college and utilized programming to look for trends in economic and business data. She develops solid ideas of probability, regression, time series, economic forecasting, and predictive analytics throughout her varied academic studies at UIUC. She also gains familiarity with fundamental programming languages including Python, SQL, and R. Using the knowledge she gained in class, Yin obtained an internship at PwC for the summer of 2021. She assisted a business with its entry into the Chinese Milk-tea market under the lead of her conductor. She started with an entire industry analysis and carried out a predictive analysis, forecasting trends in the market. Yin did quantitative and qualitative studies on each brand in accordance with their existing market positioning and presented potential future strategies by combining brand data with statistics on the Chinese GDP, per capita income, and consumer profiles such as age and geographical distributions. She discovered the value of data analytics for developing intricate strategies through this internship. And this inspired her to further her education in business and sophisticated analytical techniques. Yin is now a current student in the Northwestern University MSiA* program. She is excited to join her classmates and take her further study here. She hopes by participating in this program, she will gain technical knowledge and provide a strong foundation for her future profession.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science