Class of 2023

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Xingyu (Vivi) Wang

Graduate StudentEmail Xingyu (Vivi) Wang

Xingyu graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2022 with a dual major in mathematics and business analytics. With both quantitative and business management background, Xingyu has many hands-on experiences using Python, R, C++, and SQL to manage databases and leverage different mathematical methods on the dataset, such as random forest, KNN, and OLS regression models. And at the meantime, she truly understands the importance of data analysis for business decision-making. Even though solid technical skills are highly required in the field, she has never rested on analytical tools and always practices thinking critically and drawing valuable insights from the data. At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she joined a research group that studies the effects of document similarity of financial reports on stock returns. After learning different measurements of text similarity, including Jaccard Similarity, TF-IDF Model, Word embedding techniques, and Euclidean Distances, she analyzed the originality of more than 1 million financial reports across 20+ industries and 200 brokerages. By utilizing intra-cluster comparisons by industries, the computational burden was reduced by 90% compared to pairwise comparisons of individual reports. Before long, she also took an internship at Aizip, a startup developing deep neural network architectures and embedded machine learning models, to hone her business sense in a real-world situation. During the internship, she performed in-depth comparisons of 4 major online platforms that construct and optimize machine learning models. By analyzing selling points, advantages, and disadvantages of competitors’ platforms, she was able to provide valuable suggestions for the company’s product design. Xingyu is highly self-motivated to tackle challenges and has strong self-learning skills. Stepping into an unfamiliar field usually brings her excitement. As a result, she has been active in many extra-curriculum activities such as MCM competition, math tutoring, and the pricing challenge held by Boston University. As an incoming MSiA* student, Xingyu is excited to learn more advanced modeling and analytical methods and collaborate with classmates to work on projects sponsored by industry partners.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science