Class of 2023

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Enzhao (Enzo) Wang

Graduate StudentEmail Enzhao (Enzo) Wang

Enzhao Wang graduated from Grinnell College in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. The undergraduate education provided him with opportunities to be exposed to various subjects, including Economics, Japanese, Math, Statistics, etc. The experience leaves him with a solid quantitative foundation as well as a well-balanced education in liberal arts, which together cultivates his interest in revealing the hidden insights of diverse fields through data analysis. In his undergraduate, Enzhao has done several projects related to data analysis. As a basketball fan, he was involved in a project that evaluates the performance of an NBA player - Russel Westbrook - and how that affects the outcome of a game. Enzhao and other team members collected and cleaned up Russel’s stats for the past three seasons when Kevin Durant (one of the best players in the NBA) left him; then, heavily relying on R, they built a model to predict the winning rate of a game that Russel attends. In addition, in the spring of 2022, Enzhao participated in a project that evaluated how race and gender would affect the adoption rate for kids in a welfare unit. Using the logistic regression model, the team received new insights regarding the existing social issues. By taking part in data analysis projects, Enzhao was amazed by how much meaningful information data can convey, which encouraged him to take a step further into the field after his undergraduate career. Enzhao is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Analytics at Northwestern University, where he wishes to meet other data experts, learn from them, and sharpen his quantitative and analytical skills to a higher level. Aside from academics, Enzhao enjoys working out in the fitness center, playing basketball, watching anime, exploring music and movies, and playing video games.