Class of 2023

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Yuwen Meng

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Yuwen Meng graduated from Bentley University in 2021 with double majors in Actuarial Science and Business Studies, as well as a minor in Business Economics. During the course of her undergraduate studies, she dived into the fields of statistics, economics, and programming, which all established a solid theoretical foundation for quantitative analysis. Meanwhile, Yuwen worked on several team projects that leveraged her programming and data analysis skills in the real-world context, including insurance policy pricing, business Oracle database construction, and the impact of COVID on unemployment statistical analysis. Various coursework and project experience gradually expose Yuwen to the power of data. She became enthusiastic about transforming this power into constructive business decisions. In the summer of 2021, Yuwen worked as a research volunteer at Valente Center. She assisted the professor on a Cricket Scoreboard project, by constructing Python code to realize data retrieval, cleaning, and storage. This project gained Yuwen an opportunity to continue working for the professor as a research assistant, where she improved her data analysis and programming skills by retrieving and cleaning research data, participating in experimental design, and creating a website page using GitHub. Besides, Yuwen worked as a 6-month intern in the fund research team at Ping An Securities, where she seized the opportunity to accumulate industrial experience. During her internship, Yuwen cleaned, analyzed, and visualized financial data to support the composition of fund performance analysis reports. To identify debt funds with superior performance persistence, she implemented Spearman’s rank correlation analysis, cross-sectional regression, and CPR test in Python to evaluate funds’ performance from various dimensions. As an incoming student of the MSiA* program, Yuwen is looking forward to equipping herself with more sophisticated technical skills, exchanging ideas with peers and faculty members, and collaborating with industry partners. In the future, Yuwen will strive to generate business value out of data from a professional standing.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science