Class of 2023

Photo of Ziyan (Cheryl)  Liu

Ziyan (Cheryl) Liu

Graduate StudentEmail Ziyan (Cheryl) Liu

Ziyan Cheryl Liu graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in data science and applied mathematics. With professional experience working for tech companies and research, Cheryl is open-minded about various uses of data and enthusiastic about discovering more opportunities to apply her analytical knowledge to the industry. During her time at UC Berkeley, Cheryl actively participated in research, internship, and student organizations to gain professional and leadership experiences. As a research assistant of Visualizing Women in Tech Data at UC, Cheryl used A/B testing to investigate the impact of GPA grade caps on students’ academic performance. She cleaned and integrated raw student data with pandas and completed data visualization to present the research insights to the academic faculties. As the team leader of the Data Science Health Innovation research program, Cheryl objectively assessed her teammates’ performance and assigned manageable tasks to my teammates. She increased work efficiency by establishing a transparent way of work supervision. During her internship as a product operation analyst at TikTok, Cheryl wrote SQL queries to extract data in HIVE and created dashboards about user growth, web content ecology, and user structure of the Central and Western European PGC users on TikTok. Also, she pinpointed vital insights into the popular genres of live streaming by programming in Python and suggested strategies for boosting user retention. Cheryl also participated in AFX dance at UC Berkeley, where she learned hip-hop and urban dance with her teammates and presented several performance showcases to the public. As a candidate for the MSiA* program at Northwestern, Cheryl is an open-minded learner willing to leverage her analytical skills to give constructive solutions at work. Cheryl enjoys dancing, music, movies, and cooking during her spare time. She loves to talk about anything about K-pop as well.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science