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Henry Liang

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Henry Liang graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, in March 2022 with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Through his undergraduate study, Henry realized that his passions lie within mining insights from vast amounts of data. His double major has also given him a solid technical background to pursue graduate studies in Data Science. Aside from academic achievements, Henry has gained experience as a data scientist through two different internships. He first worked as a technical project manager intern for Mote Hydrogen, an environmental startup company. He and his team were tasked with financial forecasting and predicting future funding needs based on current financial statements. By conducting business problem and constraints clarification with stakeholders, exploratory data analysis, data cleaning and preprocessing, feature engineering, model development, training, and evaluation, Henry and his team were able to deliver a well-performing model and give the CEO a detailed view of the company’s financial future as well as a clear Series A funding goal to present to the investors. Henry also worked as a data modeling and engineering intern at Socian Technologies, where he helped develop a suspect detection and tracking algorithm using the Google Cloud Vision APIs (Demo available here: Through his past achievements and experiences, Henry has solidified his ambitions to use statistical methods and machine learning techniques to transform raw data into insightful, functional, and consumable information. He is particularly intrigued by the notion of extracting insights from something so unassuming yet so deep in knowledge. Henry believes that, by being a member of the MSiA* 2023 cohort, he will obtain systematic training in the theory, methodology, and applications of data science as well as build his professional network in data science.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science