Class of 2023

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Yiqing Cheng

Graduate StudentEmail Yiqing Cheng

Yiqing Cheng graduated from Emory University with double majors in Quantitative Sciences Informatics Track and Economics. He has taken broad interdisciplinary coursework to acquire data science skills in data visualization, machine learning, SQL, NoSQL, and programming languages such as R, Java, and Python. While laying a solid theoretical groundwork, he also engaged in a variety of quantitative research applying data analytics to different realms, such as analyzing South Carolina legal justice biases in R and computing biomedical big data for breast cancer diagnosis with Python. Yiqing has preprocessed the data and constructed machine learning models such as Random Forest, XGBoost, Gradient Boost Model, etc. These data-driven research experiences enhanced his computational and analytical skills, which can later apply to the industry field. In addition, Yiqing's internship experiences also showed the versatility of data analytics in shaping meaningful business insights. Which, during Yiqing’s Robert Bosch internship, he researched the autonomous delivery market to help management determine whether to invest in this promising industry. Backed with numbers, Yiqing used Python to visualize partnership opportunities, advising the company to plan and allocate the budget more wisely. Likewise, during his risk management internship at Hempel, Yiqing constructed and tuned a logistic regression model, incorporating a range of customer data. This quantitative model reaches over 0.8 F1 scores. It sets a baseline for new customer evaluation and greatly reduced potential subjective debt risks. With the rigorous curriculum of the MSiA* program at Northwestern University, Yiqing is excited to connect with fellow students and faculty members. Yiqing is also excited to further explore advanced data science and modeling skills and drive business insights by dealing with more complicated business problems.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science