Class of 2023

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Yuexin (Cindy) Chen

Graduate StudentEmail Yuexin (Cindy) Chen

Cindy graduated from Wake Forest University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Statistics with honors and Computer Science. When she took a statistical modeling class during her first year of college, she discovered that data science is something that has the magical power to make business decisions and predict future trends based on raw data. Since then, she has come to believe that utilizing data power to address real-world challenges is an area she would like to be actively engaged in in the future. As a result, she equipped herself with quantitative and analytical courses such as Database Management, Machine Learning, and Multivariate Statistics. | Besides coursework, Cindy has been a teaching assistant and math tutor at Wake Forest University for a variety of statistics courses, including statistical learning, multilevel models, as well as design and sampling. Since her sophomore year, she has also worked as a university computer science tutor, assisting students in computer science introductory classes. She had a lot of fun assisting students in understanding machine learning modeling concepts because she wants more people to experience the intellectual allure of modeling and data science. Cindy interned as a data analyst at WeBank, where she helped build ETL pipelines using Python and SQL and independently developed several interactive Tableau dashboards for non-technical colleagues to ensure efficient self-query, data segmentation, and visualization. She also honed her skills in Machine Learning applications in credit and loan analysis. With this experience, she has become increasingly interested in learning more about how data-driven customer analytics and modeling can advance a data-driven financial technology sector. | Cindy is excited to be a part of the MSiA* program at Northwestern and looks forward to expanding her modeling skillset and analytical mindset by taking courses and interacting with MSiA cohort members. She is particularly interested in a data science profession in the technology or financial technology sector with an emphasis on the employment and assessment of AI models. She believes that this program will be an important step toward her career and goal as a Machine Learning track data scientist.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science