Class of 2023

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Siche (Evelyn) Chen

Graduate StudentEmail Siche (Evelyn) Chen

Siche (Evelyn) Chen graduated from New York University with a joint major in Economics and Mathematics. During her undergraduate studies, Evelyn gained a solid understanding of business, as well as strong quantitative and analytical skills. Besides the rigorous curriculum, her internships have also enhanced her professional skills. Working at the Bank of Communications, she scrutinized client companies’ operations and business models, which honed her strategic analysis skills. Moreover, Evelyn interned as a data analyst at Mango TV, where she used data-backed evidence to make suggestions on product improvement and content selection. Tasked with assessing data to find reasons for the low ratings of a rap show at Mango TV, Evelyn analyzed data including the number of times audiences look back and the number of times audiences fast forward. The results of her analysis showed an obvious disparity between the ratio of professional comments and repetitious comments from judges. Hence, encouraging more professional comments appears to be an effective way to improve the rating. After changes were made accordingly, the show’s ratings increased by 10%, and the viewership started to recover. As a student of the MSiA* program, Evelyn believes that she will be equipped with cutting-edge technology knowledge, excellent business skills, as well as rich resources and networks, all of which will help her start a successful career in data science.

*later renamed MS in Machine Learning and Data Science