MLDS 499: Capstone Design Project



During their final quarter in the program, MLDS students are engaged in an industry-supplied capstone project. Much like the practicum project, the program works closely with industry partners to develop a project that will give students a chance to put their concurrent coursework into direct practice. By their final quarter, however, MLDS students have completed 3 quarters of foundational coursework, an applied practicum project, and a data science internship. Capstone projects, therefore, demand a more advanced and developed skillset. In addition, the capstone project must be completed within the 10-week timeframe of their final fall quarter, prior to graduation. 

Working directly with a company data science team, students scope their project, present a detailed proposal to their client, evaluate and cleanse data, (rescope if necessary), perform analysis, and during a final presentation, provide deliverables. Students are required to meet regularly with the client, a faculty technical adviser, and a business adviser. 

Students are placed on teams based on their own ranking of preference. The program does its best to place students on one of their top 3 ranked projects.