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Review Northwestern International Policies & Checklists

Northwestern's Office of Global Safety and Security provides multiple resources for international travel. Below is a list of all travel policies, categorized by the traveler's current status at Northwestern. These policies outline a comprehensive overview of what the university requires prior to any international travel.

Preparation for Organizers

If you are coordinating travel for a group of faculty, staff or students, additional concerns - such as how to obtain travel visas or process expenses -may apply. Please review the checklist below for some helpful pre-departure tips.

Travel Visas

  • Do you or those traveling need a visa to travel to your destination? Refer to the destination country’s web site on the foreign embassies list for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • To obtain your visa, Northwestern’s preferred vendor is Expert Visa Services in downtown Chicago: Expert Visa Services, Inc., 53 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 1605, Chicago, IL 60604. Phone: 312-663-6667. Email: expertvisa@sbcglobal

Travel Expenses

  • Determine if the trip will be university-sponsored or self-funded and make that clear to your group. If the trip will be funded by a sponsored program, certain restrictions may apply. If travelers can be reimbursed for expenses, refer to the travel expense checklist and inform your group they must save itemized receipts.
  • If your travel was for a university funded project/event and is considered reimbursable (such as a conference), please review a detailed travel expense checklist before submitting your expenses.
  • If your travel was for a university sponsored program, please review Northwestern’s travel policy and procedures.
  • NOTE: Study Abroad related-expenses are NOT considered reimbursable travel expenses.

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