Faculty Opportunities
Faculty Ambassadors by Department

Biomedical Engineering

Photo of Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi

Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi

Ambassador to Italy
Phone: 847-238-1230
Email Ferdinando
Photo of Igal Szleifer

Igal Szleifer

Ambassador to Argentina
Phone: 847-467-0674
Email Igal

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Photo of Jean-François Gaillard

Jean-François Gaillard

Ambassador to Switzerland
Phone: 847-467-1376
Email Jean-François
Photo of Yonggang  Huang

Yonggang Huang

Ambassador to China
Phone: 847-467-7510
Email Yonggang
Photo of Aaron Packman

Aaron Packman

Ambassador to Sweden
Phone: 847-491-9902
Email Aaron

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo of Koray Aydin

Koray Aydin

Ambassador to Turkey
Phone: 847-491-3055
Email Koray
Photo of Matthew  Grayson

Matthew Grayson

Ambassador to Germany
Phone: 847-491-8137
Email Matthew
Photo of Aggelos  Katsaggelos

Aggelos Katsaggelos

Ambassador to Spain
Phone: 847-491-7164
Email Aggelos
Photo of Hooman Mohseni

Hooman Mohseni

Ambassador to Japan
Phone: 847-491-7108
Email Hooman
Photo of Ying Wu

Ying Wu

Ambassador to Japan
Phone: 847-491-2901
Email Ying

Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Photo of Erik Luijten

Erik Luijten

Ambassador to The Netherlands
Phone: 847-491-4097
Email Erik

Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Photo of Ohad Perry

Ohad Perry

Ambassador to Israel
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Material Science and Engineering

Photo of Vinayak Dravid

Vinayak Dravid

Ambassador to India
Phone: 847-467-1363
Email Vinayak
Photo of David Dunand

David Dunand

Ambassador to Switzerland
Phone: 847-491-5370
Email David
Photo of Monica Olvera de la Cruz

Monica Olvera de la Cruz

Ambassador to Mexico
Phone: 847-491-7801
Email Monica

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Horacio Espinosa

Horacio Espinosa

Ambassador to Argentina
Phone: 847-467-5989
Email Horacio
Photo of Sandip  Ghosal

Sandip Ghosal

Ambassador to United Kingdom
Phone: 847-467-5990
Email Sandip
Photo of Yonggang Huang

Yonggang Huang

Ambassador to China
Phone: 847-467-7510
Email Yonggang
Photo of Manohar Kulkarni

Manohar Kulkarni

Phone: 847-467-6741
Email Manohar
Photo of K.-C Kenneth  Park

K.-C Kenneth Park

Ambassador to Korea
Email K.-C Kenneth
Photo of Q. Jane Wang

Q. Jane Wang

Ambassador to China
Phone: 847-467-7510
Email Q. Jane