Career Opportunities

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a wide ranging list of opportunities at all levels including internships, industry job openings, and academia.

We encourage all students to apply for any internship, job opportunity, or academic opportunity that they are eligible for.

CEE Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department offers several undergraduate research positions that allows them to work alongside faculty and their research groups.

Academic Job Opportunities

Our department posts external faculty and administrative job opportunities for current students. The majority of the positions we post are at major universities across the United States.

Industry Job Opportunities

Jobs in civil and environmental engineering are in high demand. The positions that we post are for graduating seniors that are looking to jump into a professional position.


Internship experience is a great opportunity for current students to get professional experience within their field of study. We post internship opportunities as we receive them, so please check this page frequently.

McCormick Career Development

Resources and events for starting your career in engineering.