Areas of Research
Transportation Systems Analysis & Planning

Northwestern University has a more than forty-year history of education and research in transportation. These research and education efforts have been focused on planning and operations, including problem analysis, modeling and forecasting, location and logistics, and policy evaluation. 

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers both master of science and PhD programs, which have prepared hundreds of key practitioners in transportation planning and management, as well as many scholars who teach at academic institutions around the world. 

Today, we are pursuing many exciting research endeavors in transportation and the allied fields of logistics, communications, and information systems. Our research is an integral part of the educational environment and is closely linked to classroom instruction.

Active Research Topics

  • Network analysis and traffic flow theory
  • Environmental life-cycle assessment of transportation operations
  • Transportation decision-making, policy, economics, and finance
  • Transportation infrastructure management
  • Road pricing, congestion management, and information technologies in transportation
  • System assurance, safety, security, and disruption management

Faculty Active in This Research