Areas of Research
Mechanics, Materials, & Structures

Many physical sciences and engineering subjects rely on the fundamental principles of mechanics, the performance characteristics of materials, and the useful structures that can be designed with this knowledge. These subjects deal with highly tailored structural characteristics and with the objective of resisting challenging environments, such as deep oceans, space, in-service bridges in cold regions, and health care applications.

Research in these topics at Northwestern University focuses on a core understanding of the underlying mechanical behavior of materials, and how tailoring these materials allows us to build new and innovative structures.

Active Research Topics

  • Multi-scale, multi-physics mechanics
  • Nanoscale and microscale materials characterization
  • Concrete fracture, damage, and creep
  • Performance characterization of cutting-edge, cement-based materials
  • Application of computational mechanics tools, such as finite element and meshless methods
  • Experimental methods, such as high strain rate and impact testing
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Processing of composites and nanocomposites
  • Nuclear safety
  • Failure analysis
  • Structural health monitoring

Faculty Active in This Research