Areas of Research

All facilities are built on, in, or with earth materials. Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with problems involving soil and rock, and of the water and other fluids that permeate them.

The discipline is critical for addressing numerous national and global issues, including sustainable infrastructure construction and reconstruction, mitigation of natural hazards, and energy exploration and development.

Specific applications include the design of foundations for structures, retention systems, tunneling, excavations, stability of natural slopes and embankments, disposal of waste products by burial, dams, and hydrofracture of rock.

Active Research Topics

  • Full-scale performance and numerical analyses of geostructures
  • Failure processes in sensitive clays
  • Blast densification of sands
  • Constitutive modeling of soils and stability of geomaterials
  • Effects of pore fluids on the stability of unsaturated geomaterials
  • Landslide forecasting
  • Soil-machine interaction
  • Multi-scales models for assessing CO2 storage in geological reservoirs
  • Mechanics of geomaterials exposed to multi-physical perturbations
  • Energy recovery and fracture in granular rocks

Faculty Active in This Research