Students Won IL Section AWWA Poster Competition

Civil and Environmental Engineering students won first prize in Drinking Water during the 2011 Illinois Section AWWA Conference

The Northwestern Engineers for a Sustainable World team composed of students from Civil and Environmental Engineering and Biological Anthropology presented their project in the recent Watercon 2011 meeting of the Illinois Section American Water Work Association (AWWA) and the Illinois Water Environment Association in Springfield.The students poster presentation, "The Thirst Project: Arsenic and Boron Removal from the Lluta River, Chile" (PDF) won first prize in the Fresh Ideas Poster Competition. The team was invited to attend the AWWA National meeting in June to compete for the national award.

The ESW team members are: Junzi Shi, senior in Biological Anthropology; Brooke Jarrett, graduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering; Sloan McNulty, Sasha Letuchy, and Kaleb Tsang, undergraduates in Environmental Engineering.  The team’s faculty advisor is Professor Aaron Packman and they are collaborating with Professors Pablo Pastén and Gonzalo Pizarro of Católica University in Chile.