Milk Crates Can Make a Bridge

CIV_ENV 325 Winter 2017

In CIV_ENV 325-0, Professor Corr teaches about the fundamentals of reinforced concrete theory and design.  When you walk into the classroom you might hear words like flexural theory, shear design, foundations, serviceability, and limit states.  The class delves into the analysis and design of beams, slabs, and columns. Concurrent familiarization with current building codes, specifications, and practices.  On January 12th, the classroom/lab turned took all of those principals and put it into action by building a bridge that could hold 50 lbs of books using 4 milk crates and 10 feet of rope to span 6 feet.  The purpose of the exercise is to learn about the key role in connections and flexion in order to build a safe bridge!  The students were able to put their books to the task.