Sinan Keten Receives Prestigious ONR Early Career Award

Professor Sinan KetenProfessor Sinan Keten,  an Assistant Professor jointly appointed in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, has been selected to receive an Office of Naval Research Director of Research Early Career Grant.  This is a prestigious 5 year grant award providing up to $200K in total expenses per year. Professor Keten is among the first group in the U.S.A. to receive it.

Professor Keten’s research involves creating computational approaches that can predict the properties of biomolecular materials at multiple scales – with minimal need for experimentation.  It reduces the need to design and then test a material.  Professor Keten’s long-term research goal is to gain a fundamental insight into the mechanics and dynamics of biological and bioinspired systems at multiple-length scales, and reflect knowledge gained from these studies to the development of bioinspired design principles.Nanocellulose Materials by Design

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