Four CEE Students Garnered Six AISC Scholarships

Annually American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Education Foundation and several other structural steel industry associations awarded over $100,000 to university students interested in structural engineering.  Since 2012, our students have consistently receiving AISC Scholarships.  This year, four civil engineering students, all seniors, were awarded six scholarships from AISC Education Foundation and Associated Steel Erectors of Chicago for a total of $15,500.  Except for Oklahoma State University where W&W Steel designated all six scholarships be awarded to the students at OSU, Northwestern students garnered the highest number of scholarships from a single school, six out of 38 including the six awarded to OSU.  Four students were awarded two scholarships each.  Two of them are from Northwestern.

The CEE recipients of the AISC Education Foundation Scholarships are:  Nicholas Brandis, Andrew Sontas, and Karen Wang.  The recipients for the AISC/Associated Steel Erectors of Chicago Scholarships are:  Nicholas Brandis, Sara Ibarra, and Andrew Sontas.

Sara IbarraAndrew SontaKaren WangNick Brandis