Yonggang Huang Elected to Canadian Academy of Engineering

Yonggang Huang

Yonggang Huang, the Jan and Marcia Achenbach Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been elected to the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE). He is one of forty-six new Fellows, eight new International Fellows, and one Honorary Fellow elected to the CAE on June 5.  

Fellows of the Academy are nominated and elected by their peers, in view of their distinguished achievements and career-long service. Fellows work closely with and are members of other national and provincial engineering associations. 

Professor Huang is also (by courtesy) a member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is a pioneer for his work on the mechanics of stretchable and flexible electronics and mechanics-guided deterministic 3D assembly. His vision laid the scientific foundations in these areas, leading to important applications. His impact on engineering science, including his seminal contributions to extending classical continuum mechanics to the nanoscale, has led to his election as a member of the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Royal Society London, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

“I am thrilled to become a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering,” said Huang. “I look forward to becoming an active Fellow of the Academy.”  

The Canadian Academy of Engineering is the national institution through which individuals, who have made outstanding contributions to engineering in Canada, provide strategic advice on matters of critical importance to Canada and to Canadians. The CAE is an independent, self-governing, and non-profit organization established in 1987. 

The Academy is an active member of the Council of Canadian Academies, the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS), and the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (PAGSE). 

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