Surendra Shah Elected Member of Academy of Athens

Professor Surendra Shah has been elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens in the Section of Sciences. The motion has been officially confirmed by Presidential Decree and was published on May 24th, 2019.

As a member, Shah will make scientific announcements, participate in scientific conferences and international research projects, and carry out publications. He can also grant scholarships and confer awards. Currently, the Academy has 45 regular members and about a hundred thirty corresponding members from around the world. The election of a regular or corresponding member is a lengthy procedure that last from six months to more than a year.

The Academy of Athens is the most prestigious academic institute in Greece. It was established in 1926 with the purpose of cultivating and advancing the Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts. “In fulfillment of its objective the Academy conducts scientific research projects and studies in the areas of agriculture, industry, shipping, national economy. Furthermore it issues consultations, proposals, it adopts decisions and judgments for the instruction and guidance of the bodies and authorities of the state.” Its name is a reference to Plato's Academy and the spiritual glory of ancient Athens, which Thucydides calls "the city that is the center of education for Greece".

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