Student Spotlight on Sima Mustaklem

Sima Mustaklem came to Northwestern in 2015 after time spend working as a project engineering for two years at RTM Engineering Consultants. Prior to that, she attended Earlham College and completed a BA in Pre-Engineering Studies before attending Illinois Institute of Technology, where she graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering. After initial interest in the management and owner interaction involved in her work, she had decided that it was time to develop her management, operation, and owner-interaction skills, so she enrolled in the master’s degree in project management.

Sima decided to build on her undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering, by focusing on Architecture/Engineering and construction business management in her MPM program. Over the course of the program, she has enrolled in number of courses, with her favorites being Business Development in the Built Environment, Strategic Management for Engineers (elective: MEM class), International Construction, Project Feasibility Analysis and Valuation, and Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution.

She recently finished her graduate capstone project report that discussed the water scarcity in the Gaza Strip, with a particular focus on the causes and potential recommendations. In her report, she provided detailed insight into the natural and man-made restraints of water shortage in the region. She also presented an overview of the possible future strategies and policies to solve the ongoing water crisis in the Gaza Strip.

After graduation in December, Sima is hoping to start her professional career as a project manager, especially in the building construction industry, where she will continue learn the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue her future goals of starting her own engineering/building construction firm, where she will benefit the economy and society through different measures.

M.S. in Project Management
Specialization or Major: Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC) Business Management
Graduating December 9th, 2017

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