NU Career Day for Girls 2018

We had a blast this morning for Career Day for Girls! 

Prof. Chou ran demonstrations making molds and ornaments out of floating concrete, and Prof. Hambleton and his postdocs, Anastasia Nally and Zhefei Jin, ran sessions in the Soil-Structure and Soil-Machine Interaction (SSI & SMI) Lab. In the SSI & SMI lab, the girls explored the world beneath their feet. They also met Ernie, our six-axis robot, and discovered how he is giving us insights into how machines move and shape earth. There was a live demonstration, and even a chance to take him for a test drive! 

All in all, there were three 30-minute demonstrations. Each had around 10 girls, ranging from middle school to highschool. Some of the parents and chaperones were remarkably enthralled as well!

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