NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge: Construction Level 2 Qualifier

Northwestern University's Martian 3Design Team completed its submission for NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge: Construction Level 2 Qualifier. The video and related samples are a demonstration of printing technology the team has developed and are meant to show that the team has, or will have, a system capable of large-scale 3D printing.

NASA has approved the submission, thus permitting the team to compete in Construction Level 2 this December. "That is where the real work and printing starts," says project lead and Mechanics, Materials, and Structures Ph.D. student, Matthew Troemner. "In Construction Level 2, we are required to 3D print a curved wall section in the shape of a hollow cylinder. The wall is 1.5 meters tall, and the cylinder is over 2 meters in diameter."

To learn more about the Martian 3Design Team, check out the Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall Newsletter or in the upcoming Fall 2018 edition of the Northwestern Engineering Magazine.

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