Katrin Chandra Awarded SEF Undergraduate Scholarship

Katrin Chandra, an undergraduate student in the class of 2020, will receive the SEF Undergraduate Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year on behalf of the Structural Engineers Foundation. Chandra, born and raised in Indonesia, is one of the top students of her class with a keen interest in structural engineering. She is spending the summer working for WSP in Houston, Texas.

Chandra says, "I found value in both applying for and receiving the scholarship. In the application process, I was encouraged to reflect on my experience at NU and in internships so far to distill why I wanted to be a Structural Engineer. As a result, I'm motivated to study and do well, not for the sake of grades but because it is in pursuit of my passion. Receiving the scholarship confirmed that Structural Engineering is not solely about being good with numbers, but is also about embracing the creative process and working with Architectural design. Overall, the experience motivated me to continue learning and pursue my dreams."

The scholarship was created for the advancement of structural engineering. SEF believes that the structural engineering of tomorrow depends on today’s students: “without them and their vision, there literally is no future for our profession”. The scholarships themselves are merit-based and eligible for students entering year three or higher.

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