Prof. Karen Chou Recognized on ASG Faculty Honor Roll

The Associated Student Government (ASG) recognized Prof. Karen Chou on the Faculty & Administrator Honor Roll.

Professor Karen Chou received her PhD in Structural Engineering from Northwestern University and is currently a Clinical Professor and Assistant Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering. A student said Professor Chou “genuinely cares about her students and her classwork is structured so that each individual student retains as much information as possible, while being given the opportunity to ask questions and grow as an individual.” Professor Chou is recognized for her work in CIV_ENG 323-0 “Structural Steel Design.” ASG says that they “are honored to present this distinction to Dr. Chou.”

The Associated Student Government (ASG) collects nominations for the annual Faculty & Administrator Honor Roll from the Northwestern undergraduate student body. In the past year, nearly 100 students provided thoughtful and complex portraits of faculty and staff who they believe make a powerful impact on the Northwestern experience. 

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