Welcome CEE Student Internship Program 2018 Participants!

Left to Right: Devon Dulan, Hannah Waxman, Jim Lindsay, Edoardo Rendeddu, Carmen Awin-Ongya, Eric Davis, Samuel, Asa, Melanie Galantino, Lauren Simitz, Saima Khimani, Prof. Erica Hartmann. Not pictured: Christina Goss and Kelly Poulos.



My name is Samuel Asa. I am from Westmont, Illinois, but was originally born in Chicago. Growing up near Chicago, looking up at the glass and steel that stretched so high into the air, I have always been amazed by urban areas. Eventually, through volunteering on local sustainability and urban farming projects, I became interested in sustainability and efficiency. This internship provides me with the opportunity to combine these interests and challenge my curiosity through research involving soil mechanics.

Hello, I am Carmen Awin-Ongya from Romeoville, IL. I conducted research during senior year of high school and I really enjoyed it. I want to continue doing research and so when I heard about this program I had to jump on the train. The program was even more appealing because it’s in the summer when I won’t be weighed down my courses. I’m excited to work on a project that can be tied to my interest in energy production with the guidance of Professor Wells.

Eric Davis is a first year student in the McCormick School of Engineering with aspirations to work on sustainable development with what he learns here at Northwestern. He is originally from Chatham, New Jersey and in his free time he likes to spend time with his friends and explore new food in Chicago. He is also involved on campus in the Analytics Committee of Northwestern Dance Marathon, Engineers for a Sustainable World, and Greek life.”

My name is Devon Dulan and I am a first year student from Detroit, MI. I wanted to learn more about the field of civil engineering and become more involved with the research opportunities on campus, so I decided to apply for the summer program. I’m excited to learn more about conducting my own research and having increased academic autonomy.

My name is Melanie Galantino and I'm a freshman civil engineering student from Philadelphia. I'm really excited for this program because I've always loved physical sciences and I am especially interested in how Civil Engineering can take these concepts and use them to build the world around us. Those who know me know that I don't exaggerate when I say I marvel at  engineering feats like bridges or skyscrapers--I'm even known as the girl with the bridge on her arm thanks to a tattoo of my favorite bridge, the Ben Franklin in Philadelphia. This summer, I'll be working on research related to NASA's 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge. I'm absolutely ecstatic to get work on something so new and unconventional and I'm thrilled to get to start working on research so soon. 

My name is Christina Goss and I'm from Munich, Germany. I am currently an undeclared freshman in the McCormick school of Engineering, though I'm thinking about being a civil engineer. I am hoping that this Summer Program will help me decide on my major and explore what Civil Engineering is all about.

Saima Khimani, and I am a sophomore Civil Engineering student from Woodridge, IL. In my free time, I enjoys volunteering, reading, and spending time with family. Before the CEE+SIP program, I hadn't thought about pursuing research after graduation. Engineering research, for me, was never an option that was discussed in high school. Now, knowing that civil engineering research is an option at Northwestern, I am eager to explore the benefits and challenges that this opportunity will bring. I will be working on the habitat design team for NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, designing a structure to 3D print on Mars. It's surreal--I've always been interested in building things, but to design something to build on Mars - that's unbelievable.

My name is Jim Lindsay and I am a freshman majoring in Environmental Engineering from Omaha, Nebraska. I will be working in Erica Hartmann’s lab this summer. I am excited to dive into her research in the field of environmental microbiology. The seminars I have attended this quarter have taught me how novel the research happening in this field is and how little is known about how certain microbiomes affect our environment and health.

Hello! I’m a Kelly Poulos, a sophomore Environmental Engineering student from Oceanside, NY, and this summer I will be working in Dr. Luisa Marcelino’s lab. At first, I was interested in pursuing this opportunity because I’ve always had a passion for sustainability and studying the impacts of climate change. However, more so than this initial motivation, I’m especially excited to use this time in Dr. Marcelino’s lab, which focuses on the effects of global climate change with regard to reef-forming coral, to collaborate with other students and collect bleaching data at colony-level. Several studies have shown how the rising global temperatures, increasing carbon dioxide levels, and other consequences of climate change are already negatively impacting the coral reefs. Thus, not only is this topic especially relevant today, but I’m excited to use this summer to strengthen my knowledge on why some corals react differently to these changes than others.

My name is Lauren Simitz. Although I spend most of my year in IL, I actually hail from a town just outside San Francisco, California. It was here beside the glistening bay, where the low-lying coast blended into sprawling urban development, that I fell in love with water and the complex ecosystem it supported. Yet as I grew older, I looked beneath the beautiful vista the water provided to the intricate chemical composition. Upon closer examination, I was appalled by how much of the water in my region, this fundamental resources and home of biodiversity, contained pollutants, particularly toxic metals and pesticides from agriculture. Through the CEE+SIP program, I am excited to work with Professor Gaillard to better understand these chemicals and their interactions both with each other and with the overarching aquatic environment.

Hannah Waxman is another student participating in the program.

Left to Right: Jim Lindsay, Devon Dulan, Eric Davis, Edoardo Rendeddu, Hannah Waxman, Lauren Simitz, Carmen Awin-Ongya, Melanie Galantino, Samuel Asa, Saima Khimani, Prof. Erica Hartmann. Not pictured: Christina Goss and Kelly Poulos.


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