Construction, Deconstruction, & Jazz

While a student at Northwestern, Julius Tucker’s mornings were spent studying the basics of civil engineering and the afternoons exploring jazz. He graduated in 2017 with a BSCE and a focus in construction management, as well as a BA in Jazz Piano from Northwestern’s Bienen School of Music. Before coming to Northwestern, he had studied piano for nearly 15 years, sharing these years with many musicians and mentors who have helped carve his musical voice. His engineering background has become an added lens through which he views his music, helping him “think of [his] music in a more critical and objective way—incorporating hard set goals and rules is helpful when there are so many possibilities when writing and playing music.” Now a rising Chicago jazz pianist, Tucker has played at numerous venues around the city, including The Green Mill, Room 43, Andy’s Jazz Club, and, with the Julius Tucker Quintet, at the Chicago Jazz Showcase. He is appreciative of his time at Northwestern, which allowed him to study both engineering and music. “Engaging both halves of my brain was invaluable during my time in school and will continue to be an important part of my career in engineering and music,” says Tucker. Sounds like a perfect example of the importance and exceptional benefits of whole-brain engineering!

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